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42 EUR

Part of the series of painting "Between my future and your present" 
by Stefhany Y. Lozano

Limited edition of 30
Numbered and signed

Inkjet print
310 gr Fine art inkjet paper
100% cellulose
42 cm x 29,7 cm

L&R is the work of  Stefhany Y. Lozano and Tim Romanowsky.
L&R is a selection of publications and art-prints.

If you want to meet us in person and skip the shipping costs you can find us at some of these book fairs:

The Millionaires Club. Leipzig, DE
24th-25th March 2017
Fanzines! Salon d'edition. Paris, FR
24th-25th June 2017
Bergen Art Book Fair. Bergen, NO
19th-22th October 2017
24th-26th November 2017
Grafixx. Antwerpen, BE
24th-26th November 2017


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